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Outdoors: How to Pack for a Festival

SO as you know I’m off to Pembrokeshire next weekend to attend The Big Retreat Wales – it’s a whole weekend dedicated to the mind, body and soul experience. I’ll be camping the weekend so I’ve started a ‘to pack list.’  This is the first time I’ve been camping on my own and I usually […]



What to pack for Glastonbury: The ultimate festival checklist

Don’t get stuck in the mud (Picture:SWNS)The key to packing for Glasto is to travel light. It’s a long walk to the camping areas, do not underestimate how heavy the rucksack strapped to your back will feel after covering a couple of miles on foot. The essentials alone add up to a pretty hefty load…


These pictures illustrate just how different überglam Coachella is from UK festivals

Coachella and British festivals don’t have very much in common, as these two examples of typical festival styles suggest (Pictures: Getty)Coachella 2016 is in its second week now – and Instagram is buckling under the weight of all the glamorous snaps from the American festival. The sun-kissed, coiffed, often famous attendees of Coachella clearly have…