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Healthy Eating For Kids from Juice Plus…


Caring means sharing. Which is why we want to provide you with easy-to-understand information about healthy eating for kids.
You see we all know that a high fibre diet of fresh fruits and vegetables is healthier than fast food, but what do you do when your kids are nagging you for a pizza or burger? Or you can’t face another tantrum when junior wants yet another sweet instead of a wholemeal biscuit.

Taking the easy way out has led to bad diets nowadays, especially among children:
More than 20% of children suffer from obesity

Obese children are more likely to stay obese into adulthood

The number of obese infants and young children globally will increase to 70 million by 2025

For children in particular, healthy eating is extremely important. Apart from eating, sports is also a vital part of a healthy lifestyle:

Children need a balanced diet that includes fruit & vegetables

To fight obesity the intake of sugar and saturated facts should be limited.

Children should be physically active – at least 60 minutes each day.

Obesity is gradually becoming a large-scale problem, caused by the following trends not only among kids, but adults as well:

A trend towards decreased physical activity

Increased intake of energy-dense food that are high in fat & sugar

< 25% eat the recommended vegetables

Most children need the support to develop healthy habits

Which is why Juice PLUS+ established the Children’s Health Study to support families to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle.

The Juice PLUS+ Children’s Health Study is a one million participant observational study on healthy eating for kids conducted around the world over several years.


What we wanted to achieve with our study is to improve the overall nutrition and eating habits if children and families. Thus, we asked ourselves the following questions:

Does good nutrition inspire other healthy lifestyle choices?

What is the best time during childhood to establish good health and nutritional habits?

Is parental involvement the only key to getting children to adopt good health habits?

What we have already discovered with families that started the Children’s Health Study is that they started to look at other areas of their lifestyle, too.

They started to drink more water, they ate less sweets and they ate less fast food.


71% of children and teenagers were consuming less fast food and soft drinks. Adults 72%

89% were more aware of their health. Adults 90%

71% were drinking more water. Adults 75%

61% were eating more fruits and vegetables. Adults 71%


We are hungry for more data.



The consumption of fruit and vegetables

Nutritional awareness of a high fibre diet

General changes in lifestyle and losing weight

It’s really simple: get FREE Juice PLUS+ for your child for one year and keep a simple BEFORE and AFTER diary about what your kid is eating and any changes in lifestyle.

The offer is open to parents who are current users of Juice PLUS+.

This means for one year you will both get the best that fruits and vegetables have to offer. An unbeatable deal that you can enjoy for up to four years. Young people between the ages of 4 and 21 may participate.


Would you like to find out more about the Children’s Health Study?

Then contact our customer service directly:

For more about Juice Plus including the Children’s Health Study please click the link.


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Business in a box opportunity with Juice Plus, for those interested in Health & Well-being…

Would you like to start a business in a box for just £50?


If so why not consider becoming a distributor for Juice Plus?

Who and what are Juice Plus?


Juice Plus had a vision to change the world!

“Inspiring Healthy Living Around The World.”

Juice PLUS+ is more than just the next best thing to fruit and vegetables: Juice PLUS+ is the way to a new life in which you will feel better and more at ease with yourself. This lifestyle change has now been established for over 20 years. But the actual story of Juice PLUS+ begins much earlier than this. Back in 1970, Jay Martin founded NSA (National Safety Associates) in Collierville, Tennessee (USA). This was a company that set about making people’s lives safer and better by producing fire and smoke detectors.  In the 1980s, the range was expanded to air and water filtration systems – a small step on the way to taking care of people’s health.

In 1993, the foundations of the company as we know it today were laid down. This was the introduction of Juice PLUS+. Since then, the Juice PLUS+ Company has continued to develop and expand it’s range of products.

What started as a small direct sales business, has now become a successful, global company that helps people live a better life in more than 20 countries.  Our European Head Office in Basel is responsible for co-ordinating our business in all European countries. Dan Holzmann, Partner, CEO & President Europe, has been with Juice PLUS+ from the beginning and continues to oversee its success. Nothing excites him more than being able to have a lasting and positive influence on the quality of people’s lives.

Our common goal grows from his enthusiasm to inspire people to lead a healthier and better life all over the world!

In 2013 we celebrated our 20th anniversary.  We have always put people at the centre of our business and today, the Juice PLUS+ Company is at the forefront of the health and wellness industry. It is one of the most important markets of the 21st century which you can be a part of it.

Learn more about our Juice PLUS+ Franchise business model (or business in a box), by clicking the following link. Juice PLUS+ Franchise and business in a box opportunity

The Juice PLUS+ Story

It has been proven in various studies that phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in fruit and vegetables, are important for a healthy life.  Experts recommend five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. However, it’s not always easy to manage that everyday. We know how important a balanced diet is for our lives. So that is what we want to offer you.  We have developed Juice PLUS+ so that the ingredients processed are of the highest quality possible, that you get the best of 30 different fruit, vegetable and berry varieties, so you can get through the day with renewed energy and vigour.

We look forward to accompanying you on your way!

Juice PLUS+ helps you take control of your life and keeps your diet balanced and healthy!  Juice PLUS+


Our Business in a Box Business Model

You love your life and the opportunities it gives you. You love spending your free time with family and friends, so you want to stay fit and healthy and enhance the quality of your life. Which includes a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet. Are you familiar with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle?

Then use your knowledge and become part of the healthcare market – one of the fastest growing markets in the 21st century.

Need a plan B? We have one for you!

We have the appropriate business model for you to achieve the right work-life balance: Juice PLUS+ Franchise. It allows you to increase your monthly income on a part-time basis. There’s no investment or risk. And you are free to work whenever you like. So over time, your “Plan B” could become “Plan A”. This is your chance to shape your own future.

Benefits of the Juice PLUS+ Franchise or business in a box…

Whether full time or as a part-time job from home: Juice PLUS+ Franchise offers you an incredible number of benefits – here are three of them:

Business Opportunity / Business in a box with: Low investment, low risk & low overheads

No “bricks & mortar“. No need to purchase product inventory. We ship Juice PLUS+ directly to your customers.

Business Opportunity / Business in a box that is: Built around the way you live

Build the Juice PLUS+ business around your life – not vice versa.

Business Opportunity / Business in a box which is: Part of the rapidly growing health & wellness industry

Health and nutrition are quickly becoming a top consumer priority in the 21st century.

How do you become a Juice Plus Partner?

Its simple – become a Juice PLUS+ Franchise Partner in just three easy steps and have your very own business in a box – here’s how!

Step 1 – Get to know and love Juice PLUS+

Only when you yourself believe in the benefits of Juice PLUS+ will you be able to inspire others.

Step 2 – Apply to become a Juice PLUS+ Franchise Partner

Do you want to introduce Juice PLUS+ and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to other people? Then tell your Juice PLUS+ contact – they will forward your application to us along with the fee of £50 (or sign up online now to your Juice Plus Franchise and business in a box, by using our unique Juice  Plus ID number: UK440682).

Step 3 – set up your own business with our proven Juice PLUS+ franchise system.

With your Juice PLUS+ “sponsor” and our Corporate support team behind you, you will steadily build your business. Using our proven model, you can quickly and easily inspire other people to live a healthy life.