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This bride and groom got married eight months after a car crash which left them with appalling injuries

Bride Jess has only just managed to walk again via Wales


Ian McKellen turned down $1.5m to officiate as Gandalf at Sean Parker’s wedding

Oscar-nominated actor refused the Napster billionaire’s request to preside over ceremony dressed in character, saying: ‘Gandalf doesn’t do weddings’ Ian McKellen says he turned down $1.5m (£1.14m) to officiate at Napster billionaire Sean Parker’s wedding dressed as Gandalf the wizard. McKellen, who played the character in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, didn’t know […]

This is why we wear diamond engagement rings

Why do we have to propose with diamond wedding rings? (Picture: Getty)When it comes to a proposal, there has to be a diamond involved. The cut and clarity depend on the budget. The setting and shape are chosen according to the bride’s tastes. But no matter what, there is a diamond. It’s just how proposals…